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Gorilla Gram Delivery

Five Gifts in One with Your Personalized Delivery:
Gorilla calling card that includes a personal message from the sender, a banana, a Hawaiian Lei, a bouquet of six balloons, including a Mylar balloon with message, and a Polaroid picture framed in a card as an instant keepsake of the event.

Gorilla Gram DeliveryThe Gorilla Gram Delivery is one of the most fun and exciting ways to surprise someone. Give a gift that they will never forget. Send them this lovable monkey for their birthday, anniversary, graduation, retirement, going away party, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Sweetest Day, or any other special event you can think of. A Gorilla Gram Delivery will energize any party and kick-start the conversation. This non-aggressive and non-threatening monkey is sure to get laughs with his dancing, jumping, grunting, gift presentation and poem. The Gorilla will arrive colorfully attired and wearing a Hawaiian Lei, the Gorilla will then set out on the search for the recipient. Upon finding them the Gorilla will present a variety of gifts, pose for pictures, shake hands and have fun with the crowd all while the recipient reads aloud the Gorilla’s clever poem written just for them. The Gorilla has a variety of accessories for you to choose from to wear. A pink tutu, a Hawaiian shirt, heart boxer shorts, banana boxer shorts, and Brewer or Packer Jerseys are just the tip of the iceberg for the Gorilla, fitting into the theme of your occasion. For an extra treat and added laugh don’t forget to order the special Gorilla T-shirt. Character Delivery encourages the use of personal cameras and camcorders by those in attendance.

To Order By Phone: 414-412-1494

Customer Testimonials

“Most courteous gorilla I’ve ever dealt with!! Thanks Jeff, Well Done!”
- Tim Roloff, Milwaukee

“The gorilla delivery was for my mom’s 83rd birthday – proves you can still surprise someone at any age. My family loved it – my young grandnephews were a bit wary – but the gorilla was all they talked about when he left. My mom loved the gorilla’s boxers!!!
- Colleen Hays, Wind Lake

“The gorilla sang “Happy Birthday!” the cool part was that he sang it like a gorilla. My daughter loved it! I’ve always wanted to send one of these. When my daughter turned 21, it was the perfect “card”!
- Mary Loretta Gabert, Brookfield

“Excellent!!! A better response than I thought. I ordered the delivery for my kids and they couldn’t stop talking about it. I ordered the Valentine’s Gorilla for my kids. When they saw the gorilla they were so excited and they had tons of questions for him. He was very friendly. The kids enjoyed the gorilla so much they nicknamed him “VG” (Valentine’s Gorilla). Everyone we saw in the weeks to come heard about “VG” as the kids shared the pictures with anyone and everyone. Well worth it!!!”
- Lisa Lamb, Mukwonago

“My husband sent the gorilla for me on Valentine’s Day. I was out to lunch and the gorilla waited for me. When I returned he had the entire staff gathered up and it was a great greeting. The ladies at work still talk about that and look for the gorilla on special occasions, such as my birthday. Thanks for the great day and gift.”
- Amy Pepper, West Allis

“Booking a Character Delivery was so easy! The flexibility and customer service is unmatched. I basically gave a date, time and directions to the delivery site – that was it! The gorilla was on time, fun, and friendly, this was a surprise my husband will never forget.”
- Kelly Wilhelm, Waukesha

“I loved the sexy boxers, picture, and balloons. I had a hard time keeping my gorilla delivery a secret from my son. Thanks again Jeff.”
- Rafaela Barreto-Vega, Waukesha

“I think it’s a great idea! I would do it for everyone I know and would love someone to do it for me!”
- Jillian Zbleski, Bay View

"I was very happy with the reaction that I received from my wife. I would have loved to have been there…but to hear her tell the story is satisfaction enough. The gorilla stayed in character the whole time, complete with walk and grunting sounds. My 2 year old daughter will always remember the day mommy got visited at home by the gorilla.”
- Joe Datka – Datka Farms, Muskego

“Your services were excellent. You were helpful, flexible and delivered everything I asked for. Everyone loved the gorilla.”
- Liz Franck, Oconomowoc

“This is such a great gift because it’s not only fun for the recipient, but also for the whole work community. It brightens everyone’s day and the provides great memories for years to come.”
- Mary Gentile, Milwaukee